WHEN:        Tuesday September 12, 2017

WHERE:        Unifor Local 27

                        606 First Street

                        London, Ontario                  

TIME:           7:30 p.m. (EXECUTIVE MEETING AT 7:00 P.M.)


Election of Officers to the London Area Skilled Trades Council.

See attached list for positions

Including election of London delegates if required


Roll Call

Minute of silence

Introduction of members

Financial Report

Trustees’ Report


Executive Recommendations

Delegates’ Reports

Committee Reports

Chairperson’s Report

Good and Welfare

Reading of previous minutes

Old and New Business

Time and place of next meeting


Locals please copy and forward to all units


In Solidarity

Jerome Raymond

Recording Secretary L.A.S.T.C.                                         August 15, 2017


Elected Officers and Committee members of the L.A.S.T.C.

Officers for L.A.S.T.C.



Vice Chairperson

Financial Secretary (1)

Recording Secretary (1)

Trustee (3)

Sergeant at Arms (1)


Committees for L.A.S.T.C.

Apprentice (3)

Journeyperson card (3)

Bylaws (3)