Call to Action

Stop Section 17
Trades Rally at Queens Park
Wednesday, November 30th
9:00am until 1:00pm
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Schedule 17 of Bill 70 – the demise of skilled trades in Ontario

Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 105,
On the morning of Wednesday, November 30th, IBEW Local 105 will be sending buses to Queen’s Park in Toronto.

We are demanding that Section 17 is pulled from the Omnibus Bill 70, which will directly affect anyone who is working in a compulsory skilled trade throughout the Province of Ontario.

Whether you are in the construction trades, an auto mechanic or a hairdresser, this Bill will not only negatively effect your ability to find work at your craft, it will put the public and workers in harms way.

No matter who your employer is, the negative impact of this bill can not be overstated. Section 17 will have an immediate impact on the livelihoods of skilled tradespeople, and all members of IBEW Local 105.

We are calling on all members and their families, active and retired to stand up for your trade. If you are not normally active with the Local, you need to be on this. Do not count on someone else fighting this battle. Together we must protect worker and public safety, our families and our trade.

I look forward to standing in solidarity with each and everyone of you.

Fraternally Yours,

Lorne Newick

Please e-mail


call the front desk 905-387-1721 x0

confirming your attendance and the number of friends and family that will be joining you. This information is needed in order to arrange buses.

Details for transportation will be made available once finalized. Plan on boarding the bus shortly after 6:00am.