Dave Cassidy new president of Unifor Local 444

Unifor Local 444 has a new president.

Dave Cassidy was acclaimed and will take over the role from interim president James Stewart. 

Nominations for positions at the union closed yesterday. Cassidy, formerly the secretary-treasurer, went unopposed. 

Cassidy worked as an electrician at the Chrysler assembly plant. He said he will continue with his 2012 mandate.

“It’s always membership first,” said Cassidy. “That’s what we’re going to work on here.”

The focus right now is on Caesar’s Windsor strike and working on a deal for the workers. Stewart will continue to lead the negotiations until its completion. Cassidy said he has been a part of the process in the last week, working on the numbers in the “backroom.”

“I am involved every day with the updates,” he said. 

There is a possibility he’ll take more of a role depending on how long the strike goes on, he said. He said he’s hopeful the casino will reach out to them after yesterday’s rally, but so far he’s heard nothing.

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