Doug Ford’s plan to scrap Ontario College of Trades would harm Ontario skilled trade workers

TORONTO- Premier Doug Ford’s plan to scrap Ontario College of Trades could erode quality and harm skilled trades workers.

“Skilled trades workers fought hard for the establishment of the Ontario College of Trades – to ensure high-quality workmanship that Ontarians can rely on,” said Naureen Rizvi, Unifor Ontario Regional Director. “Apprentices in the trades need reliable training to support their learning, and a united, independent OCOT to maintain safety and excellence in Ontario’s skilled trades.”

The Ontario College of Trades was established in 2009 to administer skilled trades apprenticeships, ensure high-quality work, and enforce licencing requirements. The government has failed to state what that OCOT would be replaced by, and in the legislation, is threatening removal of quality and training by downgrading a number of trades from highly skilled categories to craft trades.

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