Please take 1 minute right now to save Canadian jobs. Can you take the pledge to Boycott Mexican-Made General Motors vehicles?
If enough Unifor members, friends and families sign the pledge, then we can pressure GM dealerships and management. GM needs to get the message that Canadians will not forgive them for this betrayal.
The closure of the Oshawa Assembly Plant would result in the loss of thousands of Canadian jobs, taking livelihoods away from the very people who bailed GM out when it was facing bankruptcy.
GM believes it is untouchable as it takes advantage of low pay and a lack of human and labour rights in Mexico while it tramples Canadian workers and communities.
Let GM and your local dealerships know that you pledge to boycott Mexican-made GM vehicles, unless they reverse their decision and Save Oshawa GM.
Already taken the pledge? Share the link with your friends and tell them why supporting Canadian auto jobs is important to you.
Need more information? Read why and how to support the pledge to boycott.
Download and share the Union Made Vehicle Purchase Guide.
In solidarity,

Jerry Dias
Unifor National President